I was recently reached out by architect Brandon Shigeta to design a set of numbers to be used on the newly designed office space for the Intertrend office in Long Beach, California. It was an honor to have my artwork on one of the oldest buildings in long beach also known as the Psychic Temple. Take a look at the history this building has is pretty amazing click here to read more. 



Well CHINO has officially opened its doors in Hong Kong. Its crazy to think that ten years ago when I first met Erik Idos (head chef at Chino) we were both living in San Francisco finishing up school and getting ready to enter the real world of and making a career out of what we set out to do. I can say that it feels great when projects like this come along especially when they take place on the other side of the globe. Congrats again to Erik and Tracy in pulling this off. Here are a few pics of the completed wall followed by some progress pics. 



Well I know I have been MIA for quite some time and by the looks of this blog it really appears that way. Due to the updated website I lost a a few of my recent posts and I will try to recover those. 

As mentioned before due to my crazy schedule and being a somewhat new father I find it hard to find time to sit down and write out my current situations. However I still receive emails asking questions so that is what drives me to keep it up the best I can. 

I am currently on vacation right now and have been away from the computer and social media but have an hour to chill so I'm trying out a new feature on my phone which updates to my site. Let's see how this works!

Thank you again for checking in from time to time and keeping up with my creative process. 


IM BACK!!!!!

Sorry for living on a plane and in the studio for the past two months but as always I have been a little busy and with the convinence of Instagram these days I forget to update my own blog. Here are some process shots along with a detiail shot (taken by Brandon Shigeta) of what I was up to in Taiwan. For those of you who didnt know I was taking part in POW! WOW! which has made it way back to Asia. I worked along side RONE on this piece and it actully almost didnt happen due to the harsh rain we were faced with but mother nature had our back and we pulled it off in the end. Please follow POW!WOW!TAIWAN for way more content than I can even began to explain. I also included a video that the dean of the college we painted at produced which I thought was pretty cool. Thank you city of Taipei for another awesome expierence and I hope to be back again!





I just wrapped up another project with ACE hotel in Palm Springs, California. We did a print release with ARKITIP last year and when they reached out to offer me the mural project I was more than happy to accept the offer. You can read a little interview I did with them here that goes into detail on the design and choice of colors used for the piece. Enjoy. 





This is the last week for the HIGHMATH show at Slow Cluture Gallery. If you or anyone you know will be in the Los Angeles area this weekend tell them to swing on by. This gallery is fairly new and is run by a group of young friends who all happen to be amazing artists as well. Click on the image below to read a an inteveiew held by Arkitip



Well Im back from the island and next week off to Taiwan. Below are two images from Hawaii and just wanted to say thank you again to all the people of Hawaii for an aweome time. You can read more about these two pieces HERE via Complex.  




I just got back fom Italy and have been suffering from one of my worse cases of jet lag. On top of that I was hit with a cold and then got my boys sick. No rest as I am now getting ready for pow wow in a few days then a show in LA at the end of the month. Currently working on some sketches for a tshirt design for a project in Taiwan in March.



Well actually the hundreds is but this is pretty awesome too. I was recently invited by long time friend Luis Ruano to The Hundreds Headquarters in Los Angeles to paint a mural in their new media office. It was a quick trip and usually I would have posted this earlier however I knew that they would do a better job at it then I. You can read and see more images by clicking HERE. Enjoy the video below. 








I will have two prints available in the next week or so. These are both 1 of 1 large scale (22X30") giclee prints on high quality water color paper with hand torn edges. Please email or join my mailing list to find out the drop date. 



Well its about thirty minutes til the new year and Im here talking to you all. I want to share with you all a picture of the last piece I painted this year just hours ago. Along with that I want to ask you all a question about your thoughts on these blog entries I have been so bad at keeping up to date with. I originally started this as a way to document my process and share with you all what I do on a daily/weekly basis. As time has passed and Instagram has been a more useful vehicle I find it much easier to just snap a pic and call it a day. However if you find that these entries are useful to you please let me know (by sending me an email) and I will do my best to get back on the ball. Happy New Year!



In just a few weeks I will be participating in a group show with some heavy hitters. Im actually blown away by this line up and can't wait to see my work hanging along side these other artists. If you or someone you know would like to attend the opening for this show email to RSVP. Hope to see you there!



Just want to say thank you to everyone who purchased or helped spread the word about the "Enough Already" print which sold out in just two days! For those of you interested in knowing the back story behind the piece you can watch the video below. Enjoy.