Hello world and hopefully this week is being good to you. I wanted to show you all a project I wrapped up the other day here in San Francisco. I was asked to paint the side of a house and I think it turned out pretty damn cool. I am more then happy when people ask me to paint walls inside our outside of a building but a persons "home" was an honor for me. As a kid I drew on anything I could get my hands on but to have someone actually want you to cover their house with your work is a great feeling. The neighbors were very supportive (thank you Ocean for the great photos) and maybe next I will be asked to paint an entire house? I was also able to paint along side Samuel Rodriguez of Shortyfatz which was great too since we have been talking about doing so for the longest time. Oh yea if you are in SF and want to see the wall in person the address is 285 st charles street in the Ingleside Heights neighborhood.