It's almost time

In only one week I will be leaving the beautiful weather of California and heading across the globe to Hong Kong for my group show with artist Samuel Rodriguez. You have no idea how exiced I am to be back in HK spreading my Mexican love to the people of HK. I will try my best to keep you up to date with my adventures but the show is going to be a work in progress while there so check my Facebook as well. Please read below for information on the show.

Mano Y Mano | Above Second Gallery | Hong Kong

About the show: The actual spelling for this popular saying is Mano a Mano, usually meaning to fight someone toe to toe , or one on one . However, for Aaron De La Cruz, and Samuel Rodriguez, this is an exhibit of collaboration and not battle. Mano y Mano, for this show means Hand and Hand, emphasizing the collaborative effort, and their shared cultural roots and style. Both artists being of Mexican descent and introduced to art through graffiti in California.

The two came up familiar with the term hand-styles or hands referring to ones graffiti tagging-style. A tag to them is the root of graffiti, because it is the base for even the most elaborate pieces. It is also the part that instantly shows ones signature or mark. This is something that tells a story about ones identity, and is both sophisticated and primal.
Recognizing and displaying these beginnings is important, but not the main influence of this show for each artist. They have both since been exposed to many other influences and cultures in design, and illustration. Both agree that graffiti alone is not their voice. This show will display new marks they ve made mano y mano on their artistic identities.