Fly by night


I have been receiving photos and emails from fans of my work (THANK YOU VERY MUCH) from people telling me that I have inspired them to pursue their dream of being an artist, designing tattoos for them, to creating a mile long piece with my work. I know that as an artist the biggest payoff if when you effect others in a positive way (at least for me that is) and as of now I feel I'm doing the right thing. I decided to show this picture because it was sent to me from a fan and the last time I saw this wall it was during the day and I was wondering how the wall looked at night (LA I cant wait to be back and eat more of your delicious food) but I also really like the photo. This week has been a crazy week for me recovering from jet lag and dealing with life but I just want to take some time to thank all of you who remind me to keep going and give you more which I will continue to do.