HBTV: Pow Wow Hawaii 2011 Part from HBTV on Vimeo.


As most of you know I was asked to be apart of this years Pow Wow in Honolulu, Hawai'i. The Pow Wow show consisted of 10 artist from around the word working side by side and together on their pieces for four days straight. We constanty had a cameras in our faces 24hours a day which was anyoing at the time but now I see it was all worth it (Thumbs up to Mikey and his crew). I can't wait to be apart of this event next year and hopefully Pow Wow continues for the rest of my life! I made some great friends while I was out there and really had a chance to expierence the Hawaiian Culture (Prime thank you for the history lesson) hope you all can make it out to the next one. This video is one of many that will be released this year to give everyone a sneak peak at process of making this all happen big ups to Jasper Wong aka "Superman" aka "The Pink Amigo".

Peace- AD