In the past few years of my life I have been lucky enough to travel the world and see amazing places and meet great people. Im not sure if some of you are aware but San Fransciso has not always been my home I moved here from Fresno, California 10 years ago and and now that I consider SF my home, Fresno will always have a place in my heart. Being raised in Fresno was not the smartest decision my parents made (I was born in Los Angeles and moved shortly after) but everyday I thank my parents for allowing me to do what I did which was run around and get lost in my own creative imagination (Thank you Mom and Dad).

I visited Fresno this past weekend to visit my Dad for Fathers day and decided to take a trip down memory lane and visit a bridge I used to spend countless hours at back in the day that is exactly like the one in the movie "stand by me". I was surprised to see that the artwork on the bridge is still there and I thought that was pretty cool. This bridge crosses over the San Joaquin River which is the same river Mark Twain talks about in one of his books??? All I can say is thank god Im not afraid of heights. If you are ever in Fresno or passing through and want to see this bridge email me and I can try and give you the best directions out to the location. Fresno is not all country its actually a very large city but the images I have below remind me of how I remember the good times there.

Enjoy- AD