Well I'm finally back in SF and man does it feel great. I don't want to take too much time as I know Mondays are always crazy for everyone but wanted to give a big THANKS to everyone I meet and had a chance to kick it with and connect with out in LA. I'm not a big name dropper or a person who takes a photos every person I come in contact with (noting wrong with that just not my style and usually when I take photos I have to delete them as they are usually potential crime scenes) so I will leave it up to your imagination of what I experienced (keep it clean remember I am married hahaha). Anyways I have to drop at least one name this person took time out of his week to show me around LA and introduce to two of the 3 F's needed in life Food & Friends as well as some awesome galleries. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you Patrick Maritnez who probably needs no introduction but if you don't know, know you know. This dude has been producing some amazing work and cant wait to kick it with him in the future. Please take some time out to peep the video below and check out his website as well. 


LA Sign Language from Patrick Martinez on Vimeo.