This past month has been an amazing one and went by crazy fast. I'm now on my way to Peru and will be away from a computer (THANK GOD) and spending some time with my good old friends me, myself and I. I wanted to share with you all this project that was a very memorable moment I have encountered in my career so far and hope to meet more people like this in the future. In the past I have received interest about shoes, paintings and tattoos mainly but then I received an email from a couple who asked if I could paint the exterior of their beach house in Manhattan Beach, CA! I was able to spend the night hanging out with the two and the next day spent the morning painting and hanging out. I was then asked by them to come and stay at their house anytime as the vacant bungalow will always be waiting for me. I want to tell them thank you very much for the hospitality, baloon bike and flower (another crazy story) I will make sure to return and hang out with their family in the near future. Until next time- AD