Its has been a few years now since I have been out of school and my parents weren't playing when they said that life in the real word wasn't going to be easy. One of the toughest challenges I have had so far creating a career as a self motivated artist is that nobody instructs me on a daily basis and says "you are now going to create this today Aaron" which I am thankful for and find a little intimidating at times. But when I work from home I find myself experiencing the same feeling of doing my homework (the times I actually did the work) while sitting in my old home and it makes me feel like Im a kid again which is a very great feeling believe it or not. My show in Hawaii (Long Walk Home) is coming up soon and as of now a million ideas run through my mind but finding the right one is the tough part. So here is a snapshot from me working at home on some ideas that you may or may not see in the show or at all but that is the purpose of me sitting here writing this right?