I was visited by Danyboy and Geoffroy who are from Paris literally they both help run an online site called "". Dany contacted me a few months back as a fan of my work and told me that he was going to be visiting the US and wanted to swing by and say hello in person to shoot an interview and check out my studio. We were able to hang out and chill for the day and I only wish I meet them when I was in Paris last year because they know how to have a good time and told me about 100 things I missed out on while out there. Aside from discussing art and whatnot they had nothing but great things to say about the people they had met while out in California. I was able to introduce them to Patrick Martinez who I thought was one more dope person to add to their list Patrick works with SA studios and since Dany was on his way out to LA to link up with Mr. Cartoon to get some work done I figured it was perfect timing. Please take some time and watch the interview HERE and spread the word about "" to anyone who likes to read and see cool stuff. 




Here is the work done by Cartoon. I think its safe to say Dany likes em thick, good taste my man.