Well is looks like you all survived the apocalypse, black Friday sales and hopefully the new year celebrations as well. Here in San Francisco we are hours away from the new year and I can honestly say that this has been another amazing year. I just want to say thank you to all my supporters and new relationships I made this past year. I can honestly say that without the encouragement from everyone that is shown and the platforms given to share my ideas I would still be in my bedroom doing this for myself just as I was a few years ago. I hope you all enjoy the story I am telling and it feels good to have someone listen to what you have to say. I do my best to take all the comments and advice from others into consideration and I hope it shows. With all that being said I have some pretty cool projects lined up for the new year and all I can say is for those of you following my progression from wherever you are in the world get your postcards ready (three or more to be exact) because I will be asking you for them for a new project very soon. 

Be safe and rememebr to share the love you have with someone in a very special way.