HMMMMMM........ AH!

While at Pow Wow I was running around Honolulu with no sense of direction and it felt great, all I knew was I wanted to paint and paint ALOT! While working on a piece with 123 Klan and Flying Fortress I was hanging off the top of a roof while painting and lucky for me the moment was captured by Brandon Shigeta with his photography ninja like skills. I didn't think twice of being up there or having my picture taken until I received an email from Brandon with the photo (below) attached. I like the photo alot because its taken from an angle Im not used to seeing myself in. Anyways, I sent the photo to my parents and this is what my Dad had to say (via email) after seeing the photo. 


"You should see the big smile on my face. I love your enthusiasm, just be careful.
This brings to mind a story
In the day's of the Greeks,  Icarus learned how to fly high swooping in and out through the wind.
But eventually flew to close to the sun, destroying his wings and plummeted to earth.
Technology has created a new Icarus, one that can excel the life and time of the renaissance man.
Endure the atrocities of all mankind while watching the solar-flares interrupt technologies & melt our northern & southern ice caps.
Recall the light the burns twice as bright last half as long.
Oh but what a flight."

Thank you Dad for always showing me the right way to fly.