In this episode of DLC cribs we visit the home of Adam and Yvonne of San Francisco where I just finished painting their hallway.  This wall project has been in the making for the past two years now and I honestly think that the moment for it to finally happen was timed just right (congratulations you two!). Adam an industrial designer for IDEO who has helped create many things we use on a daily basis (tic-tac containers being one of them) is aslo apart of IDEO.ORG a new non profit that currently works in other countries helping out the less fortunate. Yvonne, a multi talented artist specializing in wood furniture creates some of the higest quality stools using no screws or metal. Together they run a design company called NewFactory and have an awesome garden (now with chickens!) in their backyard. For some random reason I watched the Charles and Ray Eames movie last night and realized that Adam and Yvonne share the same chemistry and passion for design and nature as the Eames's. It's a great feeling when people let you paint whatever you want with no questions asked (thank you), I remember doing commission projects and telling myself "I would never do another commission piece in my life" after dealing with certain jerks, but you live and you learn right?