I just returned from a morning trip to San Jose which by now is becoming a weekly habit for all the right reasons. Getting away to San Jose is actually comforting to me as it somehow reminds me of my home town Fresno (sorry if I offend anyone from SJ) with the city layout and friends I have there that talk and joke like the ones I had back in my Fresno days. Today's visit was specifically planned to visit an artist I have known through mutual friends for over a year now by the name of Aaron "WOES" Martin. We had a chance to chill and paint together in Hawaii during Pow Wow and he is currently here for his solo show at Cukui. Although my visit was brief it was great to seeing the new works Aaron will have on display and discuss each others plans for the year (this dude is going to go big!). If you live in the area please attend the show tonight and support in any way possible (or tell a friend to go).