Well folks today is the day and I actually managed to find time to sit back and relax after sleepless nights and a few cups of coffee (which I normally don't drink).  I can honestly say that I was a bit nervous before getting to LA about how the whole week was going to pan out but if I would have known what I know about Known Gallery and the whole Seventh Letter family my life would have been a whole less stressful two weeks ago.  I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that helped and stayed with Patrick and I throughout this entire set up even know they had an event they had to work on for today as well.  Being surrounded by pioneers ( I can go on for weeks talking about all the stuff Casey was involved in) was mind blowing and I never thought that I would be able to hear the stories I herd first hand. 

I can go on for days so I better stop while I'm ahead. Below is a pic taken by Brandon Shigeta which was taken on one of the hardest days for my physically as I was just exhausted.