Well once again I find myself in front of a computer reminding Aaron to 'stay on the ball and write MORE'.  The truth is that last week was my detach from everything week and hang out tough with my Nieces and Nephews. For the past two years I have watched these kids (all five of them) for a week and show them around San Francisco. Being they're all from Fresno I want them to see as much as possible and let them know that there is even more out there then what I am able to show them. Growing up in Fresno I spent most of my summers their age running around town with my friends (sneaking into apartment swimming pools and stealing from corner stores were the good things we did) without an adult in sight. I was considered brave to move out of Fresno and make a new home, hopefully all of these kids will call another country home on day even if its just for a summer. I guess I have grown up a bit since then, but still finding time to be a kid is always important to me.