Its official Honolulu is the place that I have repeatedly visited the most out of all of the places I have traveled to.  I was laughing because 3 years ago Hawaii was the last place I ever wanted to travel to because I just pictured a bunch of old tourist and figured I can do that when I get older. I know have a network of extended family and friends here and on the top of the list is (my half Chinese half amazing braddah) Jasper Wong.

Jasper is from Hawaii and before meeting him in San Francisco back in 03' Honolulu was Jaspers home. I remember having conversations with him before he made the move out to Hong Kong about how he wanted to moving back home and do his art.  He had no idea how he was going to make it back to Hawaii but it was a dream that he had and if you know Jasper this dude goes beyond achieving his dreams. Im proud of this guy within less than a year back he has managed to create one of the most amazing group shown in the world "Pow Wow Hawaii", made the top 40 under 40 business people award, guest speaker a TED, and still manages time to create awesome artwork. Hats off my braddah, amigo, dude, friend, homie, hero Jasper. 

Well I have a few projects lined up while Im out here so I better get on the ball.