As you know I am very honored and glad to be one of the many artists chosen to take part in the first Pow Wow Hawaii. Two years ago I was actually asked by Jasper months in advance to come and I thought I couldn't make it happen as I was going to be in Mexico just days before Pow Wow as set to start so I told him I couldn't make it. But while in Mexico I get an email from Jasper telling me that I need to get my ass to Honolulu for this thing called Pow Wow and I would not regret doing so. I decided last minute that I would head straight to Hawaii from Mexico with no clue of what I was going to do besides paint. There were about 7 other artists from different parts of the world and we pretty much partied and painted for 5 days straight and it was amazing. I am more then honored to know about Jaspers vision of bringing art back to his home town years before the first Pow Wow took place in Hong Kong. I texed Jasper the other day to tell him that I was proud of him for all that he has (with the help of many others) achieved in this short amount of time and remember that this all stared with one thought that just might work. Not being at Pow Wow this year has given me the opportunity to get an outside perspective of what it is and has become and I don't see it slowing down ever only getting bigger and better. So if you can please help spread the word about the 2014 Pow Wow Kickstarter, and I hope to see many of you there next year.