Im not sure if you know this about me but I actually used to cut hair back in the day. I wasn't professionally trained but 30 plus people a week didn't mind that when they came to my house (my parents to be more precise) to have their hair cut on a Thursday or Friday afternoon. It was ran out of my restroom and at one point I had so many people at my house at one time my neighbors thought I was selling drugs I then had to move to my garage to show my neighbors that I was actually cutting hair......... Anyway where am I going with this, oh yea if any of you out there are loyal to your barber/ hair stylus or are one yourself you know the importance of a private conversation with your barber is like. They are a undocumented psychologist that you can talk to with just about anything. This leads me to my next subject a while back I posted pictures of a few postcards that I drew on while in Hawaii and people requested that I make more (which I plan to soon). I was then asked to take part in a group art show which is based off postcards so I figured it was perfect timing (more info on the show in a week or so). 

I want to know if you would like to help me with a little project of my own. I want to ask if you would be willing to do me a HUGE favor. I would like for you to send me 2 postcards from your place of residence. If you would like for me to draw on a postcard for you just include one more (total of 3) along with your email address and I will explain the steps to make it happen. If you can please mail your postcards to the address below that would be awesome. The first 10 participants will get a free postcard with my designs on it. What I would really like to happen is for you to even write something down on the card about yourself or even a short story about whatever you want. If you want it to me confidential that is cool too and even better. What Im trying to get at is to revisit when I used to have very private conversations with friends and acquaintances back in the day. Im not sure what the outcome will be but I have to start somewhere right?


Let see if this works and I will keep you all up to date with the progress. 


Thank you!


Aaron De La Cruz

223 Mississippi st. #3

San Francisco, CA 

94107- USA