IM BACK!!!!!

Sorry for living on a plane and in the studio for the past two months but as always I have been a little busy and with the convinence of Instagram these days I forget to update my own blog. Here are some process shots along with a detiail shot (taken by Brandon Shigeta) of what I was up to in Taiwan. For those of you who didnt know I was taking part in POW! WOW! which has made it way back to Asia. I worked along side RONE on this piece and it actully almost didnt happen due to the harsh rain we were faced with but mother nature had our back and we pulled it off in the end. Please follow POW!WOW!TAIWAN for way more content than I can even began to explain. I also included a video that the dean of the college we painted at produced which I thought was pretty cool. Thank you city of Taipei for another awesome expierence and I hope to be back again!