I made it back in one piece and I was no match for Miami. I honestly needed at least two weeks in Miami that city has way too much to offer especially when you are there for Basel. I was fortunate enough to meet, work with, and hang out with people I have looked up to in the Art world. For those of you who don't know I was asked to be apart of a group show in the Wynwood area of Miami which was one of the hundreds of art shows going on in a four day period. Below is a pic of one of the walls I did while out there. I was working next to Greg Lamarche and he was kind enough to work with some extra space I had and I think it turned out great. Thank you Jimmy from head8k.com for the great photo.

Until next time Miami!



Miami is only days away and I can't wait to be back! I wanted to remind you all to please pass the info along and if you happen to make it out please stop by and hello. I also want to spread the word of another show that will be going on by one of the artists that I will be painting along side "MARE 139" who needs no introduction but if you don't know who he is please check out his work here. Below is the info for both events.




The wait is finally over! The Toyota Prius Project that I was involved in a while back has now hit the consumer market and I'm very pleased with the presentation and the final product, now I just want to see one in person. I'm very honored to be one of the four artists on this project and especially thankful to Toyota for allowing us artists complete creative control with the direction on it. This project is a milestone in my career and has given me another opportunity to connect with my audience and whoever else finds interest in my work. Please go HERE to visit the site and see more details on the project. Thank you everyone for all the help and support too, I obviously don't talk about my self this much (I guess I do if I'm here writing this). Please help me in spreading  the word of this and  you might find a dollar under your pillow tomorrow morning!








Hello world and hopefully this week is being good to you. I wanted to show you all a project I wrapped up the other day here in San Francisco. I was asked to paint the side of a house and I think it turned out pretty damn cool. I am more then happy when people ask me to paint walls inside our outside of a building but a persons "home" was an honor for me. As a kid I drew on anything I could get my hands on but to have someone actually want you to cover their house with your work is a great feeling. The neighbors were very supportive (thank you Ocean for the great photos) and maybe next I will be asked to paint an entire house? I was also able to paint along side Samuel Rodriguez of Shortyfatz which was great too since we have been talking about doing so for the longest time. Oh yea if you are in SF and want to see the wall in person the address is 285 st charles street in the Ingleside Heights neighborhood. 






Im finally back in sunny CA and already missing NY. I had blast in NY and huge THANK YOU to everyone who made time in their schedule to hang out and catch up on old times. Here are some pics of things which caught my attention while running around wild like a lost kid in a department store. The last two pics are my favorite (kind of kidding, but not really). Thank you to my Pops who watched me work the walls, definitely a moment to remember!





I would be lying if I said I don't dream of this place but NY has a special place in my heart. Every time I come here I am greeted with warm welcomes from the coldest people in the US (partially joking). But anyways NY is an amazing place and cant wait to walk around and get lost. I have a list of 500 recommended places to eat and see from all my friends who live here so I guess it's time to get lost!









WOW! I cant believe that I am actually posting this show as a participating artist. In exactly one month I will be painting side by side with some of the people I looked up to as a kid and can't wait to meet these artist in person. This show is going to be a great way to end the year for me and I am extremely happy to share all of this news with you. Here is the flyer below please pass this info along to anyone who might be in Miami during December attending Basel. For more information you can read the posting here





    Okay today's post is going to be really short because I head out to NY tomorrow and I will be running around trying to get everything done that I was supposed to this past week. Anyway wanted to leave you all with a write up that went out yesterday covering my show in Hawaii. Thank you to GRAFFUTURISM for taking their time to really describe my work in your own words it means alot click here to read the article. Stay tuned for my monthly DE LA NEWS letter that will be going out today as well. Here is one of my favorite pics from my show and check out the furniture shots in the graffuturism shots too!. 





Well I am finally back in San Franciso and back to a somewhat normal routine (for the time being). Without further adieu I am very excited to announce the release of a VERY limited run of a shirts I designed while in Hawaii. The shirts were first released at the opening of my show last week and are now available on the IN4MATION website. All sales made will help POW WOW raise the funds needed to make it even bigger next year. For all of you who have been contacting me THANK YOU VERY MUCH as I have been getting the emails from all of you asking when I will release more prints and T's and the answer is very soon but I hope this satisfies some of your needs for the time being.  Please tell a friend or pass this info along to anyone you think will like it. 

Thanks- AD




If you dont know MOCHILLA is a Record Label that has been putting out great music and putting on some of the best live shows for the past 10 years now and when I was asked to be apart of their 10 year anniversary show I didn't think twice to accept the offer. I live off of music and feel that music is an important component in our daily lives so MOCHILLA thank you for the hard work. I will try my hardest to make it out to the show but If you don't happen to see me at the show please take photos and support however you can. All the info on the show can be found HERE and please tell anyone you know in LA who loves great music/art that they have something to do on Thursday night.