Super excited to announce the release of this project created by Warsteiner out of Germany. This collaboration is in conjunction with the companies 260th birthday. Along with myself the other artists include 123Klan, Nychos, Stefan Strambal, INSA and Brooke Reidt see you soon Berlin! Here is also a little video teaser to pass around as well. 




Well today was the opening for the July group show at Guerrero Gallery here in San Francisco. It was an awesome turnout and I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out to support, I even had a few friends drive 3 hours just to come to the show and head back home (now that's love). 





Today I took part in a groundbreaking project that hits really close to home for me. I wont say too much as it is apart of a film that will be released soon and it will explain the topic better than I can. It has to do with cancer and family history. Being that my mother and godmother both had cancer I felt a necessity to take part of this project which included working closely with a scientist, director and eleven people who all carried a genetic BRAC mutation which can lead to cancer. For more info you can watch the documentary titled "In the Family" here Joanna Rudnick released based on women and men getting tested for the gene. The pictures below show the process and steps on how we (scientist and participants) took their gene data and integrated it with my designs and had each person fill in their cell within the piece. 





I am extremely pleased to announce that I will be taking part in an amazing group show at Guerrero Gallery here in SF on July 14th. Please mark your calendars, come by and say hi and tell your friends to support your local artist wherever you are on this planet. 






Yes I am still alive. I am getting worse and worse at keeping up to date with this thing, the truth is I have actually been busy juggling new dad life and some amazing new projects that due to stupid contracts I cant talk about just yet but I can tell you that they will be dropping in the next month! I find myself using Instagram much more so please follow me by clicking HERE if you are not already. Here is a little sneak peak of something in the works (for what not exactly sure just yet). Thanks to my trusty side kick Stephanie aka #vectorwiz for taking a drawing of mine and taking my work into the digital world. For those of you who dont know I HATE using the computer to create my work which is why I never do. Enjoy getting lost (I do).




In less than 24 hours my collaboration with LOOKSEE eye wear will be available for purchase. Please go directly to their website to find out more info on the glasses. They go on sale tomorrow (May 3rd) at exactly 12am Friday morning (US Pacific time zone) only 100 pairs will be available for purchase! 




I still have a few "for the love of" prints available with free shipping (within the US) when purchased. Buy one for yourself, a friend or someone you love! Each one is hand screen printed, numbered and signed. 




Well these little guys are on their way to Portland for the largest group show I have ever been apart of. Curated by Sven Davis for Breeze Block Gallery "wider than a postcard" is a show based around one simple thing a post card and how the aritsts relate to the medium chosen to work within the scale of 4 x6". The timing couldn't have been better as I was already working on my own pen-pal project when this opportunity came along. I have to give props to Sven for curating such a show with 100 artist as I have friends who run galleries and I know just working with three artist can be a pain in the ass.  The show runs May 2- June 1 please visit their site for further details. This will be my first time showing in Portland so wish me luck!



I was going to try and play a big April fools joke on all of you but I figured that would be the obvious and Im too tired and stuffed from eating all day long yesterday to come up with anything worth your time. I first off want to thank those of you who sent cards in for the "pen pal project" and its never to late to send me your postcards. I spent the past few days getting design work done for some awesome projects but the best and most important one were these pair of shoes (my son's first pair). I hope they like them and want to hang on to em when they get older.  





Well its about time that I finally get to announce and share the news about a collaborative project that has been in the making now for about a year. I am really excited about this project as this is the first time a brand has gone the extra mile to make sure it was exactly what I wanted with the final product to be (sorry for being a pain in the ass Kyle). I get approached by brands from time to time who just want to slap my design on anything that will sell and when I tell them I want it to be more than just another graphic application they just don't get it or take the risk, but LOOKSEE did and I thank them for that. I will be posting pics soon but in the meantime please check out the LOOK/SEE website. They just did a G.I Joe collaboration which I thought was amazing considering that they reused all the original graphic and package design from the 80's!



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