As most of you know (or should by now) Pow Wow Hawaii has officially kicked into motion this week. I am feeling home sick by not being there and miss the Pow Wow crew who have opened many doors for me. This year is going to be INSANE as the line up of artist has more than tripled and if you are like me you have been following it all on IG (click here to see pics). I cant wait to be there next year and just want to share my love to all of you who support what I do and if you can get your tickets in advance for next years Pow Wow. 




Only two pair left in each color way get'em while you can! Excuse the horrible photo of the earrings but it's the best I can do right now click here to visit the shop. Thank you for supporing an artist and his family.  




For those of you who follow me thank you for the continued support and you might have noticed that I have been away for a while but if you happen to follow me on IG then you probably know that I have been hanging out with my new Double Dragons. As of January 8th I entered a new chapter of life kown as Fatherhood and words cannot express how happy I am to have these little guys here with my wife and I. Everybody says that having kids is hard and draining but to tell you the truth the happiness trumps the lack of sleep and if any of you out there have stayed up sleepless nights to make something happen for days on end its just like that but the payoff is much more rewarding. 

I also want to thank those of you who have purchased work from my shop (there are only a few pieces left!). I created the shop for those who have requested to purchase smaller works and who have been unable to attend the shows. I will try my best to update the shop and it has also allowed me to look into new projects. 




Well the new year is finally here and for most of we tend create a resolution to keep which usually fails the day after it was created. Then you promise yourself you will not do it again, which last for a week or so then you give up. ahhaha. My resolution was to make sure to file all of my receipts as soon as I get them that day (boring I know but those of you who have to deal with the tax man know what I mean). 

As for a new direction and start here is a nice little write up that was posted by the Galeria de la Raza after I painted the wall for them which you can read here. It was a nice challenge to illustrate what I felt was the story that is going on right now with that neighborhood. This piece is definitely a new direction for me and I thank Galeria again for sharing with me the struggle this neighborhood is going through. 




Well is looks like you all survived the apocalypse, black Friday sales and hopefully the new year celebrations as well. Here in San Francisco we are hours away from the new year and I can honestly say that this has been another amazing year. I just want to say thank you to all my supporters and new relationships I made this past year. I can honestly say that without the encouragement from everyone that is shown and the platforms given to share my ideas I would still be in my bedroom doing this for myself just as I was a few years ago. I hope you all enjoy the story I am telling and it feels good to have someone listen to what you have to say. I do my best to take all the comments and advice from others into consideration and I hope it shows. With all that being said I have some pretty cool projects lined up for the new year and all I can say is for those of you following my progression from wherever you are in the world get your postcards ready (three or more to be exact) because I will be asking you for them for a new project very soon. 

Be safe and rememebr to share the love you have with someone in a very special way. 



Well here are the pics from my "For the love of" opening at Cukui. I want to thank everyone who made it out in the wet and cold weather (for the bay is was a cold one). On the night of the opening we released a clothing and a print that is available on their site here! I want to give a huge THANK YOU Charles Shaw (yes his name is the same as the wine, pretty awesome nickname right) for covering the event, Goldenchyld of the Fingerbangerz crew for the music, the whole staff at Cukui for their support and last but not least Meesh and Leslie for forcing me to put out the earrings. 






Here are the items designed for Cukui that were released last night at the "For the love of" opening. I will post more pics of the event as soon as I receive them. All of the items are released in a limited quantity so be sure to get yours before they are gone. You can do so here (hoodie) and (shirt). I cant seem to find the hat?? Thank you to Cukui for the opportunity to make this come together it was amazing to see it come to fruition. 







Here are a few process shots for the prints I will have available for my upcoming show at cukui next week. Huge thanks to John and Loren of Team Print Shop in Oakland for doing what they do best. Stay tuned for the drop.





In just two weeks I will be having my solo show 'For The Love Of"at Cukui in San Jose on Saturday December 15th.  I have been waiting the whole year for this show as it will be my first collaborative project with Cukui and we have some goodies for the fam's (a new body of work plus clothing and accessories)! Please help spread the word. 




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