I know, I know why even have this blog if I don't even update right? But I honestly do make a point to update as much as possible, and for those of you who frequent my site and actually care (thank you very much and if you write me a hand written letter to my studio just to show me how much you do care I will give you a sketch....limited quantities so email me for address). Anyways I was away for 10 days in Honolulu, HI for another round of POW WOW with a slew of other artists and friends. I would go on to explain how great this trip was but I figure I will let the pictures and others sites (listed below) do the explaining. I was going to try and go BIG this year but spent my time bouncing around the city getting busy with all the other artists which was a great move on my part. 


Thank you to shortyfatz, peap tarr, woes, suitman, meggs, will barras, jago, phibs, ogi, lucky (soul signature/ ever ready crew), jeff hamada, beaks, solomon, derek weisberg, kamea harder, rone, eddie colla for allowing me to work along side you and the conversations we were able to share while doing so. And last but not least a huge THANK YOU to Jasper Wong and the POW WOW crew you are all more amazing then the next. See you all next year!

Please click on the fallowing links to see further coverage of the event. 

ACCLAIM, HONOZOOLOO, BOOOOOOOM there are many more but I have to get back to the real world.