If you or anyone you know will be in Long Beach attending the AGENDA trade show tomorrow make sure to swing by and check out the glider art show put on by BENNY GOLD. Here is a little quote from Benny that I wanted to share with you all to show what I feel makes him as a designer and brand you should support. Its great when brands want to take the time to highlight artists and do dope projects like this. 

"I am pleased to announce that this is the first time the Benny Gold brand will have a booth at the Agenda Trade Show. We will not be there to sell you anything —we won't even have the product line there with us. We want to share an awesome project with you that has been a long time in the making. We invited over 60 of our favorite artist from around the world to reinterpret our original glider plane."

- Benny Gold




Pretty excited that Apple chose to use the interview I did with Cool Hunting on my ACE hotel project as a screen shot for their new OS. 





Last week I wrapped up a project for Google. I was commissioned to produce a painting and create a pattern that also went on to be used as a wallpaper for their annual I/O event. This project was a special one as it allowed me to work with a close friend who I once lived with back in school. It was crazy he was in a meeting with his creative director and they were looking at a list of artists the director had picked and he sees me on the screen and says "I know that guy" and the rest is history. Crazy just to think around five years ago him and I were sitting down one afternoon and I was telling him how I wish that I could make at least five thousand a year off of my work just to help out with studio rent. A special thanks to Scott of Rockwell Forever for capturing the day. 



IM BACK!!!!!

Sorry for living on a plane and in the studio for the past two months but as always I have been a little busy and with the convinence of Instagram these days I forget to update my own blog. Here are some process shots along with a detiail shot (taken by Brandon Shigeta) of what I was up to in Taiwan. For those of you who didnt know I was taking part in POW! WOW! which has made it way back to Asia. I worked along side RONE on this piece and it actully almost didnt happen due to the harsh rain we were faced with but mother nature had our back and we pulled it off in the end. Please follow POW!WOW!TAIWAN for way more content than I can even began to explain. I also included a video that the dean of the college we painted at produced which I thought was pretty cool. Thank you city of Taipei for another awesome expierence and I hope to be back again!






I just wrapped up another project with ACE hotel in Palm Springs, California. We did a print release with ARKITIP last year and when they reached out to offer me the mural project I was more than happy to accept the offer. You can read a little interview I did with them here that goes into detail on the design and choice of colors used for the piece. Enjoy. 






This is the last week for the HIGHMATH show at Slow Cluture Gallery. If you or anyone you know will be in the Los Angeles area this weekend tell them to swing on by. This gallery is fairly new and is run by a group of young friends who all happen to be amazing artists as well. Click on the image below to read a an inteveiew held by Arkitip




Well Im back from the island and next week off to Taiwan. Below are two images from Hawaii and just wanted to say thank you again to all the people of Hawaii for an aweome time. You can read more about these two pieces HERE via Complex.  









Here is a sneak peek at the Italy project I am working on. Set to release this week. 


Aaron De La Cruz for 55DSL + Birkenstock, Curated by Arkitip from The Arkitip Chronicles on Vimeo.